EDEN ISS — Ground Demonstration of Plant Cultivation Technologies for Safe Food Production in Space

Concurrent Engineering Study preview

Consortium members of the EDEN ISS project will meet for a design workshop at the Concurrent Engineering Facility (CEF) of DLR’s Institute of Space Systems from September 07th to September 18th 2015.

Design Criteria will be addressed to meet the objectives of the EDEN ISS mission, which is to complete a 12+ month research period in Antarctica for testing plant cultivation technologies in a semi-closed loop environment to grow food for human consumption and nourishment.

Some parameters for the facilities have already been established, including the overall dimensions of the facility, which is comprised of two 20’ high rectangular containers. The mounting of the containers has been established prior the Concurrent Engineering (CE) study, as has its regular means of egress, glazing and insulation principles. General requirements and location of services such as power, data, water and thermal systems have been determined as well as the number of plant cultivation areas that will be included in the facility.

Greater specificity of the mobile facility’s design will be discussed throughout the workshop and will be based on kick-off presentations and supported by a student support team with respect to literature and internet research, calculations, preparing charts and figures, summarizing sessions or note open questions/ issues.

An important topic that will be discussed during the CE study period in Bremen is Systems Engineering which is the inclusive system for controlling / monitoring the interfaces between various subsystems within the facility. Important subsystems that will be designed and developed in the project include:

  • Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) for the Future Exploration Greenhouse (FEG)
  • Illumination System (ILS) for the Future Exploration Greenhouse (FEG) and the International Standard Payload Rack (ISPR)
  • Air Management System (AMS) for FEG and Service Section
  • Plant Health Monitoring & Horticulture

Other subsystems that will be explored in the CE study include the thermal control system, data handling and control system, power control and distribution system and the operations and communications system.

Final presentations documenting e.g. trade-offs and design decisions of the consortium will end the CE study period and all study members documenting the entire study will write a “Preliminary Design Report”.