EDEN ISS — Ground Demonstration of Plant Cultivation Technologies for Safe Food Production in Space


With over 90-years of excellence and expertise in providing logistics HAFEN-SPEDITION took on all challenging transport steps for the EDEN ISS greenhouse to enable its long sea trip to Antarctica. HAFEN-SPEDITION contributed their personnel efforts demonstrating their skill set of flexibility and creativity to make the shipment possible.


With over 30 years of providing automated control systems for horticulture and related biotechnology industries, Argus Control Systems is proud of providing nearly all of the monitoring and automated controlling tasks performed at the MTF (Mobile Test Facility) of the EDEN ISS project. The designed Argus hardware is an essential component for handling the wide range of tasks needed in the Future Exploration Greenhouse. With the help of the Argus hardware and software solutions, it will be possible to manage all data and ensure storage and remote access/control of the MTF (Mobile Test Facility).
credit: Bruno Stubenrauch 2017



HTK Hamburg GmbH has 40 years of experience in the field of innovative gas warning technology. Our custom made gas alarm solutions ensure the safety large systems. This experience we proudly contributed to the EDEN ISS project.

The photo below pictures the efficient and reliable gas alarm systems installed in the EDEN ISS service Section by HTK Hamburg ensuring full safety for the operating team. 



Participant profile: World Courier transport your most precious cargo. And we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Across our global network of dedicated associates, we monitor the safety and integrity of your product proactively. With solutions ranging from ground transport to Next Flight Out, we plan for contingencies so you don’t have to—leveraging local expertise to handle complexities more efficiently. With more than 150 company-owned offices globally, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of a World Courier expert. 

World Courier transport company is responsible for the sample return mission. The EDEN ISS freezer, holding all samples at a temperature below -40°C, will be transferred by World Courier from Neumayer Station III in Antarctica to partner laboratories in Europe for sample analysis. On route, the cargo will travel via the Russian station NOVO and Cape Town.