EDEN ISS — Ground Demonstration of Plant Cultivation Technologies for Safe Food Production in Space

Workshop on Bioregenerative Life Support in Torino

In the past two days EDEN ISS partners attended the Workshop on Bioregenerative Life Support organized by the International Space Life Science Working Group in Torino, Italy. The participants discussed the progress in developing bioregenerative life support technologies and ways how to proceed further.


Group photo of the workshop attendees

In more than 40 talks, organized in six sessions, attendees from all over the world presented their recent and future work in their research area. A panel session was held to discuss the role of the space agencies and the preparation of a research and development roadmap for bioregenerative life support systems

Our project was mentioned in several talks and presentations during the two days. Daniel Schubert, the EDEN ISS project manager, presented the work of DLR and the current progress of EDEN ISS.