EDEN ISS — Ground Demonstration of Plant Cultivation Technologies for Safe Food Production in Space

Educational outreach

EDEN ISS plans to engage the next generation of space explorers through an educational outreach program that offers to teachers and pupils information and activities related to the cultivation of plants for the purpose of growing food in space, either on the International Space Station or further destinations like the Moon and Mars.

PLEASE NOTE: The following material will only be made available from autumn 2018 onwards.

Lecture material

Lecture material for schools (age range between 6 and 12 years) and universities are  available, upon the request of teachers and/or professors within EU member states and Canada. It offers information and suggests activities in the topics of space, biology, and growing food under specific environmental conditions appropriate to learning abilities.

Antarctic seed campaign

DLR personnel took a number of seeds to the Neumayer III station. These seeds were brought back to Europe after they have stayed in Antarctica for a number of weeks. The seeds are now being made available to classrooms in Europe and Canada. These will also be included in the Experiment Toolkit.


Paul Zabel and Daniel Schubert in Antarctica with a package of seeds.
credit: DLR, 2018

Experiment Toolkit

‘Plant growth experiment tool kits’ can be ordered by school children and pupils throughout EU member states and Canada. The kits have been developed by DLR and highlight the key issues of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technologies and different growth procedures related to cultivating plants in space. Here, the pupils can learn different aspects about BLSS and the role of higher plants in human space exploration endeavors. Seeds from the Antarctic seed campaign are included in the Experiment toolkit.